Business Excellence Training and Workshops

NZ Business Excellence offers a range of training options to promote and encourage business excellence practices nationwide.

Each programme/course is designed to provide you and your organisation an understanding of the fundamentals of Business Excellence, the characteristics of world-class organisations, the use of quality tools, how to evaluate your organisation against best practice frameworks and how to prioritise and turn opportunities for improvement into action.

We also offer customised training and workshop solutions, depending on your organisation’s needs. This may include an organisational alignment review; business planning facilitation; strategic planning workshop; award application training; and more.


Preparing your Leadership Team for Excellence-Based Thinking

Learning and development is a critical component to the growth of any organisation. We provide a suite of training opportunities for your people at all levels, to help drive improvement initiatives and excellence-based thinking. This suite is built on live case studies of organisations and is formed upon the sharing and collaboration of knowledge.

While these opportunities are highly recommended for senior and middle leadership levels, they also suited to high potentials, as well as individuals and advisors/ consultants alike to embed the learnings of excellence. 

In-house Training

We are pleased to offer a range of in-house training programmes including the Strategic Management Programme and in-house Certificate in Health Excellence, as well as offering customised in-house training options. We can deliver a range of workshops to assist your organisation in the business excellence journey, including facilitation.


Training is typically held in the main centres of Auckland and Wellington, however provided we meet minimum numbers, we can offer any of our courses to regions that have a number of organisations wanting to combine for training. If you would like to discuss your organisation’s training needs further, please contact us for a no-obligation and confidential discussion.

Interested in more information?

If you would like to discuss your organisation's training needs further, please contact us for a confidential discussion

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