We support our member organisations on implementing a business excellence approach (whether that be by team or organisational wide) through;
  • Sharing knowledge and business excellence tools to support you and your business
  • Connecting you with like-minded organisations and individuals to leverage off and collaborate on world-class business practices through networking events and mentoring opportunities.
  • Guiding and helping you track your journey to world-class levels of business excellence through self-assessment, facilitated assessments and training opportunities
  • Recognising your achievements and that of others in pursuing excellence through our awards and credentialing programs


ALL SERVICES - Members and Non-members

We provide a range of products and services to support all organisations on their business excellence journey
  • Training - Foundations of Business Excellence, National evaluators training
  • Assessments - Business Excellence criteria (Online strategic assessment), Workforce engagement, Customer insight, Faciiltated assessments
  • Networking and learning events- Knowledge hours and workshops
  • Other Business Award programmes support and faciltation e.g. AUT Business Support Awards, Westpac Franchise Assn Awards


Members receive discounted services

New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation would like to thank the following organisations for their support


New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation
PO Box 331-658 Takapuna 0740

Phone: (09) 489 8791
GM: Ian Ris

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