Assessment types

Workforce Engagement Assessments

Our online tool to support better workforce outcomes and business results

Building an effective and engaged workforce is essential for organisations on the Business Excellence journey.
NZ Business Excellence has developed an online assessment tool (aligned to the Baldrige Excellence Framework) which helps you to measure your staff engagement and identify your Strengths, while also discovering your Opportunities for Improvement.
The questions focus on seven key areas:
  1. My learning and development
  2. My organisation’s direction and leadership
  3. My work
  4. My work environment
  5. My understanding of the need for organisational change
  6. My health and safety
  7. New employees
This tool is being used effectively by our member organisations as well as our consulting members who are using it with their clients. It can also be used as a regular ‘milestone’ measure as your organisation progresses. 


Online Strategic Assessments

A detailed report and results debrief with your organisational strategic assessment package 

Aligned to the Baldrige Excellence Framework, the NZ Business Excellence online strategic assessment is the first step in identifying how your organisation measures up against ‘world-class’ best practice.  Begin with a free individual self-assessment and get an understanding of your own perception of your organisation from a strategic level.
You can then choose to take it a step further by having a selected group of participants completing the online strategic assessment  with results collated. The organisational assessment has run for many years, resulting in comprehensive benchmarking data to measure how your business compares against both New Zealand and international best practice.
The assessment covers all Baldrige criteria for performance excellence areas except for the "Results' category i.e. Leadership, Strategy, Customer, Workforce, Operations and Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management.

Facilitated Assessments

Discover how your organisation measures up against 'worldclass'...

Are you interested in undertaking a comprehensive and systematic review of your organisation's systems and processes against a world-class framework for performance excellence?
Facilitated Assessments use the abriged verison of the Baldrige Excellence Framework. The criteria that underpins this assessment reflects the successful management practices identified in high performing organisations. 
The one-day faciltated assessment covers your high level processes and systems around  Leadership, Strategy, Customer, Workforce, Operations and Measurement, analysis and knowledge management.
The two-day faciltated assessment covers all of the one day plus the Results category which covers off results in key areas - product and process results, customer-focused results, workfroce-focused results, leadership and governeance results and financial and market results.

How does the assessment work?

The assessment is based around a one or two independent evaluation. NZ Business Excellence will provide a Evaluator to your organisation, who will spend one or two days (depending on your choice of assessment) in your organisation (or your location of choice) reviewing the effectiveness and consistency of your organisational processes, working through the organisation's systems and processes and identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement. This assessment includes:
  • Preparatory work, including format of assessment, focus group structure, guidance
  • Analysis of annual plan and/or business plans
  • Facilitation of assessment at the work place
  • Post-Assessment report and review (discussion) with the primary contact
  • Final Report
  • Debrief and development of priority plan of action

Who should participate in this assessment?

We recommend that you include your key management personnel or senior leadership team so that you have a good range of people from each department / area that can contribute to the session.

What type of situation is this assessment best suited for?

A facilitated assessment is suitable for any organisation that is interested in getting an independent view of the organisation's systems and processes against a world-class and best practice framework to work towards business improvement.
A facilitated assessment can be used when you are starting on your journey or as an independent progress check along the way.
Still have some questions?
Give us a call on (09) 489 8791 or email us at  We will be happy to talk you the types of Assessments and what they each involve and what may be best for your organisation.

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