Evaluator Training

National Evaluator Training is a fun, interactive and comprehensive 2-day intensive course that teaches attendees how to evaluate an organisation against the world-class Baldrige Excellence framework

Held every year in June, this popular training programme provides the key preparation and training for individuals interested in evaluating for the NZ Business Excellence and Business Achievement Awards. Numbers are limited and best suited to those who have had experience working with business excellence models. Participants will work together in small teams, as the facilitator takes them through each phase of the evaluation process.
If successful, some attendees may be selected to put their teachings into practice, by being selected as part of the official annual evaluation teams that assess the Award applications for the NZ Business Excellence Award or NZ Business Achievement Award. Or, they can put their skills towards writing an award application with an evaluator’s mindset.
Trained evalauators may also be invited to participate in other award programmes that NZ Business Excellence assist with.



National Evaluator Training for non-evaluators

Every year we also offer places on the training for those people who don’t have the time to commit to the evaluation panel but who are keen to learn more about the criteria and the intricacies of the evaluation process from a respected expert in the field of business excellence.
Fee payers receive the benefit of the training but are not required to participate on an evaluator team.

Learning Outcomes & Benefits


For the Individual

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Baldrige framework and its application.
  • Learning in an open and interactive environment with practical application.
  • Learn a new skill for your business leadership "toolkit" and be able to apply the learnings back in your own organisation
  • Gain the skills and insights that will enable you to effectively evaluate an award application as part of a team of evaluators. 

For the Organisation

  • Develop champions within the organisation who can understand and lead or assist with the business excellence strategy
  • Support employee development and progression or use it as part of your learning and development programme.
  • Create buy-in within the team through increased comprehension of the framework.
  • Use it as a stepping stone towards building an award application
  • Embed excellence-based thinking into the DNA of your organisation and encourage pride in collective success.

Are there Any Pre-Requisites?

There are no pre-requisites – as Part One is intended to provide the introduction and background necessary for the primary Evaluator Training. A case study will be provided to all attendees following Part One to complete and bring to Part Two for group discussion.
Some attendees have found it beneficial to have gone through the Certificate in Business Excellence prior to attending the National Evaluator Training to increase their understanding of the Criteria.
Interested in more information?
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