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Entering in a Category Award…

We understand that business is complex and it takes time to get to the level required to achieve performance excellence.
To assist in recognising your successful progress, we offer the opportunity for organisations to apply for our Category Awards.

Each category award is focused on a key area of the Baldrige Excellence Framework.  
Organisations can measure and celebrate their progress in three key business areas of Workforce Excellence, Customer Excellence, and Operational Excellence. This  approach supports you if you have strength in one of these key areas while you are looking to further develop your performance across all areas. 

Categories available

Customer-Focused Excellence Award
This category looks at how well you listen to your customers and gain information on their satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and engagement, as well as how well you engage with customers to serve their needs and build relationships. The Organisational Profile and Customer Results section must also be provided in your response.

Workforce Excellence Award 
This category looks at how you build an effective and supportive workforce environment, particularly how well you engage with the workforce to achieve organisational and personal success. The Organisational Profile and Workforce Results section must also be provided in your response.    

Operational Excellence Award
This category looks at how well you design, manage, and improve your key products and work processes, and how you ensure effective management of your operations on an ongoing basis and for the future. The Organisational Profile and Product & Process Results section must also be provided in your response.

Applicant Process

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for a Category award.

Applicants will write an application to address the specific reflective questions within the relevant category.  Each category criteria question set is extracted from the full Criteria for Performance Excellence including the corresponding Results item for that Category (e.g. Category 5 plus Results item 7.3).    Applicants must also submit a full Organisational Profile, acknowledging that this is important contextual information about their business.  A 10-15 page limit is suggested, not including the Organisational Profile. 

Each category award applicant will be assigned a team of 2-3 evaluators, one evaluator taking the “Lead Evaluator” role.

What is the investment cost in applying for the NZ Business Category Awards?

The application fee in 2016 is $2,500 +GST for NZ Business Excellence members per category. Non-members should contact us before applying.

All applicants will also be required to cover any additional costs associated with the consensus meeting – where the evaluator team comes together to produce a collective agreement of their evaluation findings, alongside possible areas that need to be explored via a site visit. Additionally, applicants will be cover any costs associated with a site visit, if required.

The Foundation will be able to provide an estimate of these additional costs once the application process is underway.


New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation would like to thank the following organisations for their support 


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