The NZ Business Excellence Foundation Course provides participants with a greater understanding of the comprehensive Baldrige Excellence Framework

The Baldrige Excellence Framework is a strategic management framework that focuses on and promotes organisational alignment – a critical component to performance and success. This programme offers detailed insights into the framework, its values and concepts,criteria and scoring system. During the course we will  share relevant tools, systems, approaches and case studies to enable you to implement a successful business improvement practice in your own organisation.
Course Overview

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INTRODUCTION: Organisational Profile

Your Organisational Profile & Setting the Scene - The introductory module is designed to give you an understanding and overall perspective of the key features of the Criteria for Performance Excellence (CPE). As such, it is a compulsory module prior to attending any of the other modules. Within this module, the facilitator will cover the evolution of business improvement and world-class characteristics. He will explain the alignment between the CPE categories and cover the importance of an Organisational Profile. You will go on to complete an Organisational Profile for your own organisation of the duration of the rest of the programme, therefore this overview is a key component of the introduction.

MODULE 1: Leadership

The Challenge of Organisational Leadership - In Module 1, participants will learn about the key requirements of Leadership including its application to both Senior Leadership and Governance & Social Responsibility. This “top-down” approach aligns with the CPE and allows participants to gain clarity on the over-arching aspects of the organisation prior to getting down into the more detailed areas. This module will also cover Process Attributes, which is a key aspect in an organisation’s approach to the different areas.

MODULE 2: Strategy

Focus on the Future: Strategy & Planning - This module will cover the key requirements of strategic planning and its relationships and linkages to the other categories. Different strategic planning processes will be discussed, alongside innovation, work systems, core competencies and action planning. Strategic Planning answers: What do we do? Who do we do it for? How do we excel?

MODULE 3:Measurement, Analysis & Knowledge Management

Measurement, Analysis & Knowledge Management – The Foundation - This module focuses on the importance of performance measurement and performance management. Learn how to select and ensure effective use of data to support operational and strategic decision making and innovation. The facilitator will cover key measurements areas, inputs and outputs and explain how it all links together.




MODULE 4: Customers

Customer Focus - This module focuses on the management philosophy of being ‘customer-driven’. It explains the importance of agility and listening to your customers, covering customer support, segmentation and relationship and complaint management exercises.

MODULE 5: Workforce Focus

Workforce Focus – HR Management - This module will focus on the key requirements of the CPE and its relationships to other Categories. Learn how you build an effective and supportive workforce environment, and how to engage with the workforce to achieve organisational and personal success.

MODULE 6: Operations

Operations Focus – Adding Value through Processes - In this module participants will learn about the Core Value of Systems Perspective and gain an in-depth understanding of their organisation’s core, and related value chains. Learn how to organise and manage the workforce to achieve set objectives, and how to foster an organisational culture that is characterised by open communication, high performance work, and an engaged workforce.

MODULE 7: Results

Organisational Results – Prove It! This module focuses on the key requirements of one of the most important CPE categories – Results – and how it aligns with the other Categories. Learn about the attributes of Results and the importance of benchmarking, targets and trends, as well as differentiating between those results that are applicable and meaningful, and those that are not. This module will cover all areas of the CPE results section, providing an in-depth look and review of each category’s results, aligning with the prior modules.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who should do this course and why? 

This course will be highly beneficial for:

– Individuals who are responsible for leadership, strategy and planning or quality improvement in your organisation.
– Organisations that are considering entering into either the NZ Business Excellence Business Excellence or Achievement Awards programme.
– Teams of organisations who are wanting their staff to begin implementing a Business Excellence programme.
– MBA or other similar business students wanting to increase their comprehension of the Baldrige  Excellence Framework
What does the course cover?

The Business Excellence Foundation course is provided in a modular, learning format with participants gaining knowledge and understanding by using a wide variety of tools and approaches. It is underpinned by the Baldrige Excellence Framework, with practical exercises and ” live” examples and case studies from award winning organisations. These actual experiences will provide you and your organisation with the knowledge and understanding to support a business excellence approach in your organisation or department.

This course encourages a fully interactive forum and the exchange of ideas is part of the learning process. 

How is the course structured?
This course is aligned with the Baldrige Excellence Framework, which provides a clear structured approach to Business Excellence. Each module (following on from the Introduction module) aligns with the categories of the Baldrige Excellence Framework's criteria:
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Focus
  • Measurement, Analysis & Knowledge Management
  • Workforce Focus 
  • Operations Focus
  • Results 
How do I enrol?

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If you have any questions give us a call on 09 486 3651 or email us today. 

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