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The Health Care Excellence programme provides a comprehensive overview of the Baldrige Excellence Framework for Health Care– a leadership and performance management framework that applies specifically to the health and disability sector.

This programme comes highly recommended by Health Care organisations in NZ (such as DHB’s and organisations working in the care sector). It provides insights into the Baldrige Excellence Framework (Health Care) and how that may be applied in your organisation for business success including improved outcomes for patients/clients. It is available in-house only, and can be run as one of two formats:


2-Day Programme

 – Ideal for senior executives and senior leadership teams to ptovide an overview with soem practical knowledge for implementation. 4 modules per day.

4-Day Programme

 – Similar to the Business Excellence Foundation course. Ideal for middle managers, advisors and staff involved in business improvment initiatives”. 2 modules per day. 


Programme Structure & Session Overview

The Health Care Excellence Programme consists of 8 modules in total, providing an  overview of the Baldrige Excellence Framework( Health Care) as follows.
MODULE 1 - Introduction
The Introduction module provides a high-level overview of the Criteria for Performance Excellence, sharing insights into its application and providing examples of some key results that New Zealand organisations have realised from implementing it.

MODULE 2 - Leadership
The Leadership module covers a high-level overview of the Leadership category of the Criteria for Performance Excellence. This session covers leadership; workforce communication; governance; societal responsibility; and more, providing live case studies throughout.

MODULE 3 - Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning module provides a range of strategic planning and implementation tools and examples, offering “best practice” approaches throughout.

MODULE 4 - Customer Focus
The Customer Focus module focuses on customer satisfaction, engagement, and the market, including communication methods, alongside competitive advantages and disadvantages.

MODULE 5 - Measurement Analysis
The Measurement & Analysis module shares how this critical area is one of the key components to organisational alignment. Learn integrated approaches and best practice approaches by reviewing live case studies and examples.

MODULE 6 - Workforce Focus
The Workforce Focus module focuses on creating a strong workforce culture through engagement and satisfaction tools and approaches. Learn how others have achieved key results in this area through a focus on learning and development and forward-thinking systems.

MODULE 7 - Operations Focus
The Operations Focus module focuses on key work systems and processes that your organisation operates under, highlighting the need for appropriate documentation methods and mechanisms as well as a focus on sustainability and emergency preparedness.

MODULE 8 - Organisational Results
The Organisational Results module ties everything together, focusing on alignment and integration of the strategic plan. This key module will share the importance of appropriate measures, and cover various approaches.

Key Learning Outcomes 

The purpose of this programme is to introduce the participants to the value using the Baladrige Excellence Framework and its associated criteria for Health Care and to support them in applying conceptual models and approaches sourced from NZ Business Excellence Award Applications to their type and size of organisation.
— Participants will learn of the central philosophies, values, and concepts contained within the Baldrige Excellence Framework for Health Care. 
— Participants will gain insights into their own organisation through the experience of applying proven tools developed by NZ Business Excellence member organisations in their applications for business excellence awards.
— Participants will obtain a detailed understanding of the assessment criteria, the importance of alignement across the critieria  and how to conduct an assessment of their organisation/business group.


As this training option is very dependent on your own unique organisation’s needs and requirements, we will happily provide a quote for this programme upon request. There are ways to minimise costs, including providing your own facility and catering. Information we require to provide a quote includes the following:
Length of programme (2-day or 4-day)                                                 Facilities will / will not be provided                                                                
Level/s of employees that will be attending                Catering that will or will not be provided
Total numbers attending  Any tailored / customisable inclusions to content

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