Baldrige Excellence Framework

How the Baldrige Excellence Framework promotes alignment and integration throughout the organisation...

By choosing to guide your organisation by the Baldrige Excellence Framework, you will see results that impact much more than the bottom line. Your workforce culture will improve and your customer experience and loyalty levels will be enhanced. You will discover opportunities to create better alignment and integration throughout your organisation which, if addressed, will reflect itself in improved business results. The Baldrige Excellence Framework includes;
  • Core values and concepts that underpin the qualities of a high performing organisation
  • Criteria for performance excellence, based on several categories and provided in the form of a suite of reflective questions enabling self-assessment
  • Scoring system across four dimensions
NZ Business Excellence is part of a network of nearly 100 countries that have business excellence programs based on the United States' Baldrige Excellence Framework. Here in New Zealand, many of our local, regional and industry business excellence awards programs also base their awards on the Baldrige Excellence Framework.


The Criteria for Performance Excellence are a set of questions in seven key areas affecting your business. By challenging yourself with the questions, you explore how well you are accomplishing what is important to your organisation. You can focus on specific areas or, for the greatest benefit, look at all areas as this will highlight any cross-cutting themes and help prioritise your improvement activities.
As a member of NZ Business Excellence, you are able to connect with other members and access the range of our services to help you on undertsanding and assessing your organisation against the criteria.
  1. Leadership How your senior leaders' personal actions and your governance system guide and sustain your organisation.
  2. Strategy How your organisation develops strategic objectives and action plans, implements them, changes them if circumstances require and measure progress.
  3. Customer focus  
How you engage your customers (or clients, members, patients etc) for long-term market place success, including how you listen to the voice of the customer, build relationships, and use customer information to improve and to identify opportunities for innovation.
   4. Measurement, analysis & knowledge management  
How your organisation selects, gathers, analyses, manages and improves its data, information, and Knowledge Assets: how it learns; and how it manages information technology. The category also asks how your organisation uses review findings to improve its performance
  5. Workforce focus  
How your organisation assesses Workforce capability and capacity needs and builds a workforce environment conducive to high performance.  The category also asks how your organisation engages, manages, and develops your workforce to utilise its full potential in alignment with your overall business needs.
  6. Operations focus  
How your organisation designs, manages, improves, and innovates its products and work processes and improves operational effectiveness to deliver customer value and achieve ongoing organisational success
   7. Results  
What are your organisation's performance and improvement results in key areas - product/services, customer service, workforce, leadership and governance and financial and market. What are your levels relative to those competitors and other organisations with similar product/service offerings


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